Benefits of using a whiteboard in classroom

There are so many amazing benefits of using a whiteboard in class because it is not only a tool of learning in fact it can be more than just a huge writing pad but can work as a multipurpose learning instrument. Using a white board Dubai in class can benefit everyone in the classroom positively and here’s how:

  • Quick review

Revising previous class’ lesson is always a struggle considering students find it hard to recall the elements without pictorial representation and even the smallest clues can help trigger the memory and review the previous lesson quicker. It is the association of class and the previously heard lecture which stimulates the brain and memory. It is good for all the levels ranging from nursery to secondary and so on.

  • Better explanation

It is a scientifically proven fact that it is a lot easier to structure lessons when there is a pictorial representation to it – then even if it’s in the form of a flow chart of simple key words written across the white surface. Teachers also find it easier to deliver lectures when they have a helping tool on hand which they can turn to and look in times of explanation. 

  • Enjoyable learning

Not every lecture and class is fun but it can be made fun and who says teaching has to be boring and dry? With colourful pens used you can make learning as fun as possible because the colour coding makes it easier to store and understand information. Learning in such environment is never forgotten and is always cherished by students as it sets in the long term memory of theirs.

  • Increased interaction

One way communication is never the path to learning which is why questioning is the best interactive tool but it can be enhanced when the questions and answers are solved on board. Every subject can attain benefit from white boards as maths to English and chemistry to physics, everything can be solved. This helps in detecting errors and understanding where the problem lies.

As expected, they are a great addition to classroom as often times it is also used as projector screen. Other than that, students purchasing it from school bags shops in Dubai find it fun instead of the usual chalk board which is often responsible for allergies and pollution in class.