Dynamic Trip to Fujairah.

Winter vacations are on and beach lovers are searching for new places to make their vacations memorable. Let’s talk about Fujairah, which is situated on the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates and lying all along the Gulf of Oman. A true destination for beach lovers and hiking fans as it is nestled between Indian Ocean and Hajar Mountains. Best part is that hotels in Fujairah UAE are available for every class and they equally facilitate individuals, families, and tourist groups.

South side of Fujairah is well known due to massive Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is very attractively designed with white minaret towers.

There are many hotels and resorts available for accommodation with affordable rates and facilities. These hotels have different ratings according to the facilities they provided.

Miramar Al Haq Beach Resort is a luxury resort located nearly 45 km away from Fujairah airport and claims to have the longest beach view in Fujairah. It is a five-star rated resort which gives a luxury living and remarkable facilities one can only imagine.

Intercontinental Fujairah Resort is also a luxury five-star rated hotel which provides every facility one can look for and it charges you around 210 USD per day for twin room two single bedding arrangement. It is 1.1km away from main Fujairah.

Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort is another luxurious five-star rated hotel and it provides every facility while charging you similar rates per day for twin room two single bedding arrangements. It is located 10km away from Al Aqah.

Mirage Hotel Al Aqah is a beautiful hotel, just 2.1km from center Fujairah. It is a three-star hotel and it charges you very economical rates of 60 USD including breakfast and provides twin room facility.

Some other hotels include;

  • Mirage Hotel Dibba
  • V hotel Fujairah
  • Capital Grand Hotel
  • Fujairah Hotel and Resort, and many more.


Fujairah has following places to make your tour memorable.

Hajar Mountains 

The Hajar Mountains are the huge and beautiful mountainous range located in eastern Arabian Peninsula whose highest peak measuring 1,527 metres and called Jabal Yibir.

Wadi Ham

Wadi Ham is the beautiful lake considered as the longest lake in the United Arab Emirates. It is 30km long from Masafi to the dam. Wadi Ham is definitely a fantastic site in rainy season because the lake view becomes ever so fascinating and is easily accessible.

Wadi Zikt

This is approximately 8km away from the coast and is located in Dadnah.

Wadi Al Wurayah 

From 42km north of Fujairah a gorgeous Wadi al Wurayah is located which is protected by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) due to its unique plantation.

Wadi Tawian

Wadi Tawian is about five kilometers long and is situated about 45km from Fujariah.

Wadi Siji

Wadi Siji is located 49 kilometers north of Fujariah and possesses the oldest dam to be found in the United Arab Emirates which is 10 meters high and 500 meters wide. The reservoir can store nearly 1,200,000 cubic meters of water.

Wadi Al Hail

Al Hail is located approximately 15km to Fujairah city.

These remarkable valleys are waiting for your arrival so for booking and further details go to website of Fujairah hotels and enjoy your vacation with all the comfort you deserve.