Quick guide to all types of paints

The world is full of art and creativity and there is no doubt that an empty canvas and paint can help you explore the parts of life which you didn’t know existed. It can be fun and exciting and you can never go wrong with art. But what you can go wrong with is different kind of style and the wrong type of paint chosen.

Art becomes more exciting when you have got the right equipments and tools to carry it out. So grab your trolley school bags Dubai and go through this guide to find out which paint you need for which task:

  • Watercolour

Watercolours are the most basic and cheapest type of paint to explore with. They are usually a thin layer of paint which is mixed with water and then used. Surely it is a little tricky to use on paper as it can tear the page and can take a different form or shade of colour when dried up. They are mostly used in schools for children to use as finger paint because they are easy to wash off but of course should always be used under adult’s supervision.

  • Acrylics

Acrylics are almost everyone’s favourite because the texture is thick and perfect to manage. They are great for beginners to practice on as it’s easy to handle and blend in with all the colours. Because of its thick texture, you get a better control of it on the canvas. Acrylic paints Dubai can be best if you want to redo a mistake as all you have to do is wait for the paint to dry up. Yes, it can be a little difficult to clean up but with practice you can surely ace it. 

  • Oil Paints

Oil paints are the thickest ones and they take ages to dry up which you can use to your advantage as you can work for hours with the paint without it drying up in mid blending. The best part is that cleaning off mistakes is one of the easiest tasks as you can scrape off an entire layer and start again. The downside is of course the fact that it’s expensive to afford. They are a little messy as well so you need to be careful when working with them.