Types of Evening Gowns

There was a time when we could see gowns in European courts only but it is a big part of women fashion nowadays. Today if there is a party and you are confused what to wear, you will have plenty of options to choose from. There are some of the best designs of evening gowns that will match your body and style. Some of them are:

A-line Gown

A-line is a classical type of gown that works naturally for any evening event. It has great fitting that drape the body so perfectly. The cloth flows down from the waistline all the way to the floor and form an A shape. A-line gowns are great for all body types especially those with broad chest.

Sheath Gown

The best thing about Sheath gown is that it contours all the curves and provides a shape to the body. Although it suits tall ladies, its stretched and sleek design works makes the dress perfect for short-heighted girls and ladies.

Ball Gown

Ball gown is one of the most formal type of evening gowns that is available in a lot of designs and versions. You can get cut off shoulder ball gowns, exposed arms and long skirted ball gowns as well. The gown gives an hourglass shape to the body by focusing on the waistline. Yet, it is important to pair the dress with the right heels to match your height with the gown.

Empire waist Gown

Empire waist gowns look highly elegant when you wear them according to your body type. Its design make the gown perfect for pear-shaped ladies as it highlights the bust while concealing the bottom with all of its embroidery. This gown flows from the chest line and flares down to the hem covering up all the unwelcomed body features.

Bouffant skirt Gown

Bouffant skirt gown has a puffy look with a long circular skirt. It has many layers of underskirts inside that makes it puffy when all that fabric is gathered. Many of the ladies wear bouffant skirt gown in their weddings. The gown was popular as silhouette gown in the mid-19th century.

So, these are a few types of gowns that you should see and try. After all, they tell you what the fashion is and what the fashion was. You can buy them virtually and have fun by doing online shopping evening dresses in Dubai. There are many shops of evening dresses in Dubai.