Causes of depression in children

No one regardless of their age is exempted from the deadly and noxious mental condition called depression. If not treated properly it can lead to severe mental and physical illness that is extremely dangerous and hazardous for all human beings. However, the signs of depression in children are even more perilous in children because it can lead to stunt their mental and physical growth. Thus, it is important for all of us to pay attention to the mental development and well-being of our children in order to encourage healthy mental and physical growth in children. Almost every child psychologist Dubai tends to recommend all the parents to focus on the mental health of their child in order to encourage healthy mental and physical growth of children.


People are more likely to believe that children are happy souls and they don’t have any sort of worries and tensions in life; however, the fact is that like adults children also suffer from various mental disorders including depression and anxiety. Thus, it is necessary for all the parents to focus on the mental development of their child in order to prevent them all sorts of problems and troubles.


Sometimes genetics and other times environment also play a significant role in causing depression in children; however, staying attentive and focused while interacting with children to identify its causes in them. A meaningful conversation and sometimes an interactive session can also help children in combatting depression and anxiety. However, some of the common causes of depression in children are as mentioned below. Knowing the causes of children can also help parents in identifying the signs and symptoms of depression in children.


Physical illness:

In the majority of the cases, children who are suffering from depression or any other form of mental strain are more likely to physical illness. The continuous state of illness and sickness not only demotivates the children but it also makes them socially awkward and an introvert that causes severe mental disorders in them. Thus, we must look forward to depression therapy Dubai if our child is physically ill or sick.


Family history:

Have you ever thought that why doctors suggest pregnant women to stay away from stress and anxiety? One of the reasons for this suggestion is that the continuous state of the mother can cause an adverse impact on the growth of the child. However, the child of a stressful mother is more likely to have mental disorders like stress and depression.