Things To Do in Dubai During The Summer Season

Dubai summer season is considered as a lean season for the tourism industry as there are less people visiting the city due to extreme heat. But there are travelers who prefer to visit the city during this season since there are a few people in the place. Meaning, it will be a little quieter and relaxed in the city.

If you are planning to visit the city during the summer, here are some activities that might interest you:

  • Join the cruise

Summer season in Dubai is a great time to join the cruise. Why? Because you get to stroll the place without walking under the heat of the sun. Well, you will still be under the heat of the sweltering sun, but the good news is you are in the cruise. You can just go inside your cabin and enjoy the relaxing time. The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina offers a number of exciting activities that can appeal to your taste – from exploring the city to amazing cruise dinner with entertainment. It can also be a great family bonding experience, as you can bring the whole gang on this trip.

  • Engage in recreational sports

Summer would be the best time to get moving, and you can definitely do that in Dubai during this season. There are lots of outdoor recreational activities that you can subscribe to. If you love the water, you can Jet Ski your way to fitness and sports. If you are into cars, there are a lot of automotive activities that will pique your interests. There’s the dune bashing or quad biking in the desert. You can also test drive your dream sport cars and vehicles in the Dubai Autodrome or do F1 motor racing to satisfy your craving for auto racing.


  • Try on the skating rink

If you want to feel the winter during the summer season, simply visit the Ski Dubai, located inside the Mall of Emirates. Ski to your heart’s content, until you satisfy your craving for ice. There’s also the Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah where you can unwind in spa with ice room.


  • Visit the beach

Summer is always the perfect time to visit the beach, and Dubai has a number of fine beaches for water lovers. You can visit the white expanse of Jumeirah beach and lay down under the sun. You can also bring the whole family at Al Mamzar Beach Park for a relaxing time and family bonding.

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