5 Interior Design Tricks That Would Make A Simple Space Look Luxurious

The interiors of luxury hotels are definitely eye-catching, which is why a lot of homeowners want to replicate such designs for their own space. But the thing is, hotel managements spent quite a fortune on making their establishment look chic and luxurious. Some homeowners cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars for interiors.


If you are running on a tight budget but want to transform your home into a luxurious space, here are some tips that you can follow:


  • Be picky about your curtains


If you noticed, curtains and window treatments of 5-star hotels are made of high quality materials and far from the ones we usually see in stores. So when you are transforming your room into a luxurious space, be sure to pay attention to the curtains you are purchasing. Opt for curtains made of thick textiles. Also, pay attention to the length of the curtains. Choose draperies that are floor-length to add the luxe vibe to the space. Short curtains can make your space look a little less expensive. Also, invest in quality but subtle curtain rods and holders.


  • Invest in fine furnishings


One of the reasons why luxury spaces look stunning is because of the pieces that adorn their interiors. For instance, the furniture. Most of these furnishings are custom-made and specially-designed to fit the overall theme of the space. Customizing your furniture in accordance to the design is the ideal option, but if you are working on a limited budget, there are shops offering complete home furniture packages dubai that are well-designed and will fit your budget.


  • Use metals and art pieces


Some people think that metallic pieces are tacky. But if these pieces are used tastefully in a design scheme, it can bring out the luxurious and elegant vibe in any space. Choose small, metallic pieces for room accents. It will add a much-needed glam and glow in your simple space. You may also invest in large-scale art pieces to add decorative value to your room.


  • Try vintage pieces


Classic pieces never run out of style. Same goes with vintage accents and furniture. The classic look of vintage furniture can add sophistication to a space. Be sure to choose vintage pieces that are still in good condition. If possible, have them refurbished to bring back the classic look of the pieces.


  • Add texture to the space


A luxurious space doesn’t have to be monotonous. Break the monotony by adding texture to the space. Texture can be in a form of a stylish rug to break the look of a smooth flooring, or table runners to add a little stylish roughness on your glass table.

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