Post Root Canal: Effects, success rate and complications

If you are familiar with root canal and its processes and contemplating to get one then you are at the right place. Here we will guide you about all the things you can expect after a root canal and how it will affect your teeth and life from now on.

Root canal specialists Dubai have concluded that most patients go back to their life and routine just the next day. If you have had an infection or inflammation before the procedure then you might be a victim of tissue inflammation. No doubt, it can be a bit uncomfortable but there is nothing that can’t be treated. Meds suggested by good pediatric dentist Dubai can help you in keeping the situation under control making it as comfortable for you as possible.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about going back to your regular chewing routine, then you may have to wait for a good amount of time until things settle down and your permanent filling is in its place. If you don’t avoid chewing and following your doctor’s recommendation, you will have to face some severe issues which can include breaking or damaging of teeth before it could heal properly, which leads to our next topic of success rate.

The success rate of root canal is 95%. You can chill about the other 5% which is not successful is mainly due to patient’s own stubbornness or mistakes which leads to such results. Also a successful root canal can last you a lifetime if you take good care of it and make sure to follow all the safety and precautionary measures.

Even after the seemingly perfect root canal, you can still be facing a few issues which wouldn’t have been present before. These issues can be, an unexpected crack in tooth. Even after extensive diagnosis, there can be some things left unseen, and there is no one to blame for.

Another after effect can be the lack of proper sealing which would break away over sometimes letting the space free for bacteria to get in and have a slumber party.

Make sure that you hire an expert who can handle situations easily without causing a lot of problems and be attentive enough to make the right kind of diagnosis.